usPaul and Janette Ferrise, proprietors of Atchingtan, have spent their lives in pursuit of all things that benefit people and life. Spending most of their recent careers in Corporate America, both Paul and Janette have learned that the poison of that environment is not only damaging to the soul, but also its politics contribute to far too much damage to our earth. Both having a passion for nature, they decided many years ago that the time has come to do something to benefit Mother Earth as well as the community.

In 2013, Paul and Janette decided to purchase land to begin their vision. In June of 2013, the purchase was completed and Atchingtan was born. Now working with permaculture specialists, they are in the process of delivering that vision. In the next few years, many phases of the Atchingtan project will be implemented with a view to have a fully self sustaining retreat.

Where we are: Finlayson, Minnesota 55735 – Surrounded by its own woodland, and situated on a very private 40-acre site in Northern Minnesota, it is about 90 minutes north from the Twin Cities, and 90 minutes south of Duluth. Atchingtan is very easy to get to using Interstate and County roads.

2 Responses to “About us”

  • Thomas Buttner says:

    Dear Paul & Janette: Congratulations on starting “Atchingtan”. I hope I can send you some free Hemp Shield protective wood stain with no harm to the environment, no odor, made with 100% Hemp Seed Oil, very low or no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compound), 0 % HAP’s (Hazardous Air Pollutants), contains Formaldehyde Free: Mildewcide, Algicide, & Fungicide, single coat application, extremely High UV Resistant and we make stuff for log cabins!
    Best Regards, Thomas
    P.S. The National Park Service buys our stuff! With any purchase of 2 gallons, shipping is free if you hit the button for free shipping on

  • Janette says:

    Thomas – that would be wonderful – thank you so much. One thing, though – instead of sending it, could you bring it? We would love to show you this wonderful land…

Centrally located just 90 miles north of the Twin Cities and 80 miles south of Duluth, our location is easily accessible, yet far enough away that you can leave all your worries behind you.

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