We are available – in season – for camping, celebrations, classes, nature retreats, and much more.

Atchingtan Learning Center is designed for People and Life….. And this is how:
  • Camping with Electrical – 24x20amp circuits available for campers to use. There is a separate electrical meter for the site. For your event, you will sign an electrical usage agreement – we will show you the meter reading at the beginning and end of your event, and will charge based on your event usage. Prices vary, and are dependent on our utility company’s average billing.
  • Camping without Electrical – Pick a spot and squat!
  • RV Parking – The RV Pad accomodates 6 full size campers or RVs and includes 8x30amp circuits and 8x20amp circuits for RVs.
  • Two Stall – Off Grid Shower System. A hot water on-demand shower system that is supplied by our well. The grey water is caught in collection pools underneath the shower platform, pumped out to storage tanks, then disposed of based on grey water management regulations. ONLY biodegradable soaps are allowed in the showers. Currently working on a 3rd stall to be available in 2018
  • Bathrooms – At this time, ALC does not have a community bathhouse, although it is planned for subsequent phases of implementation. We work with Paul’s Portables in Sandstone, who provide and maintain portapotties. Standard and ADA portapotties are available. Pricing is dependent on the number of portapotties required, and for how long.
  • Fresh Water – There is a filtered water source next to our washing up station. This water is good to drink. Depending on your event needs, we will place 250-gallon water containers around the site with fresh filtered water. We will top off the water tanks as needed. You can drink this water!
  • Washing Up Station – In front of the shower stalls, we can make available a 2-sink and counter system for your washing up needs. Cold, non-potable water is supplied on-demand, and the grey water is collected using the same process as the showers.
  • Central Fire Pit – We provide an in-ground fire pit, approximately 5 feet in diameter, for your nightly fire pit needs. The fire pit is surrounded by rocks from the property for safety. Firewood is available on request. Prices vary, based on the amount of firewood needed. The firewood comes from local suppliers to meet the firewood regulations of Aitkin County. You are not allowed to bring your own firewood unless it is wood from within a 50 mile radius of Atchingtan.
  • Fire Rings – Fire rings are available to rent for anyone wishing a small fire pit to cook on, or simply to have a fire on your site. Wood regulations are the same as for the central fire pit.
    Please note that all fire pits, central and personal, must have full water buckets for fire safety management: two for each personal fire ring, and five for the central fire ring. ALC will provide buckets and water and will ensure they are topped up daily. All fires must be attended by at least one person over the age of 18. Unattended fires will be extinguished by ALC staff without notice. Repeat offenders will have their fire rings removed at the discretion of the ALC staff.
  • Trash and Recycling – ALC will provide trash and recycling containers for your event use. Depending on the size of your event, we may recommend a roll-off dumpster, and order it at your expense, and ask that you manage your trash accordingly. Recycling will be collected as the containers reach capacity. Recycling is mandatory at ALC please.
  • Children’s Area – ALC has a play area for children. Limited, but within eye distance of the main site. Parents are responsible for their children at the play area. We ask that there always be an adult present at the children’s area during your visit.
  • Telephone, Cell Phones and Internet Access – There is no telephone or Internet access on site. Cell phone reception is minimal, and dependent on the strength of your device and provider coverage. ALC will provide an emergency only phone number should a participant require it. ALC can also make arrangements to use the main house internet for those who urgently need to check in with family members, or those who require special needs.
  • Disability Access – ALC is a raw site grounds and unfortunately unable to cater to wheelchair access at this time. We will be working on smoother paths in subsequent implementation phases. However, the grounds are flat, and those with disabilities are usually able to get around. Should you have special accessibility needs, please contact us. We may be able to supply them by the time of your event.
  • Parking – Parking is available directly on site. During your planning sessions with ALC, we will recommend and designate a parking area. We ask that your participants unload, setup, then park their vehicles in the designated area and not use them on a daily basis during your event, to minimize wear and tear of the land.
  • Entertainment – Should you require entertainment, ALC provides a 10 by 24 foot portable stage and full sound system and lights. We even have the engineers! Contact us for more information and pricing.
  • Recording – Recording? Seriously? Yes, ALC is at the same location as Rhythm Priest Productions. ALC has a way of bringing out the creativity in many, and should that happen during your event, Rhythm Priest Productions can either provide the full production recording studio, or remote recording directly on site. Now where else has that facility? Contact 320-233-0834 for more information regarding Rhythm Priest Productions’ recording services.
  • Shopping and Supplies – The nearest shopping is located in Sandstone, approximately 20 minutes from ALC. To minimize traffic on and off the site, ALC can provide a daily shuttle service to Sandstone for your shopping needs. We only ask for a donation to cover fuel. ALC does not stock supplies for sale, as we do not have the permits yet to do so. We will update this information once those services become available. ALC does work with an ice supplier, who can supply as many bags of ice as needed. You can choose to sell the bags of ice to cover the costs of having ice at your event. Atchingtan receives no fee for ice vending, except for a pickup and drop off fee.
  • Other Services and Supplies – ALC can supply some tables, camping chairs, BBQ, large party tubs, coolers, a freezer, and various other supplies. The pricing varies depending on your event needs, and can be discussed during the planning of your event.
  • Off-Road Vehicles – To protect the land we ask that off-road vehicles such as ATVs and UTVs not be used unless specifically arranged with ALC in advance, or if required for special needs. ALC site vehicles will be used to manage the property needs for your event, such as maintenance, water supply, and grey water removal.
For any questions on services and amenities, please contact us at contact@atchingtan.org

Centrally located just 90 miles north of the Twin Cities and 80 miles south of Duluth, our location is easily accessible, yet far enough away that you can leave all your worries behind you.

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