When we purchased Atchingtan, it was for two equally important reasons:
Firstly, for ourselves – as a means to escape Corporate America, and to deepen our connection with nature, as part of our earth-based spirituality.
Secondly, to make the land available to the community, for educational and spiritual purposes.

We are preparing our land using permaculture methods to become a peaceful retreat, a place for people to live, breathe and educate themselves on the concept of permaculture, and to give sanctuary to the creatures who honor us with their presence on the land.

Any time we make a decision regarding Atchingtan, we refer back to our Mission Statement:
We are at peace in this serene and private space where we, and invited guests, learn from one another and the land, connect with mother earth, and live in the moment. With help from earth-loving souls, we enable the land to care for itself and provide food, medicine, materials and habitat.