Welcome to Atchingtan, a place for people and life. The term Atching tan is a phrase from the Anglo-Romani language, a dialect of Romani still spoken by many English Romanies. The verb stem ‘Atch’ means ‘stop’ or ‘stay’, and ‘tan’ is a noun meaning ‘place’ or ‘tent’. ‘Atching tan’ therefore literally means ‘stopping place‘.

What is understood by the phrase, however, is “The place where the fires are lit”. Imagine stopping at the end of a long journey; lighting the camp fires; and seeing people gather around the fires to cook, dance, drum, and share community. The stopping place can be temporary or permanent. We felt that this was the perfect name for our organization.

So what are we doing? We are working with site owners, Paul and Janette Ferrise, to lease their land for use as a learning center and to host nature events. We have begun to work with Paul and Janette on introducing permaculture methods. Now that we understand that their land and our organization is a true fit, we will collaborate on positioning their site for people to live, breathe and educate themselves on the concept of permaculture, and to give sanctuary to the creatures who honor us with their presence on the land.

As we continue to work through the logistics or our collaboration with Paul and Janette, we will update the website with a new look and updated information. See what is in store for 2018 soon.


If you have any questions please contact us at: contact@atchingtan.org